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May, 2022



3rd Pakistan Tea Convention

PTA has provided the tea industry with in-depth insights and a close liaison between the stakeholders from exporters, importers, supply chain, logistics enablers, printers, insurance industry, packaging equipment manufacturer, blending professionals and marketing companies.

PTA also play a critical role in keeping a good working relationship between the government departments and its members to ensure a good working relationship.

We take pride in having industry leaders as its members with expertise in their respective fields of specialization to provide insight to members to act on a timely basis.

Keeping the above in consideration, PTA has planned an extensive, engaging and enjoyable “3rd Pakistan Tea Convention being held from May 20 to 22, 2022. We take pleasure in inviting you to the convention which is being held at Karachi Marriott Hotel.

Pakistan Tea Future is eventful

Pakistan is defining the future of Tea. Learn and have a great time along the way in your Tea Business.
Join PTA Tea Convention 2022 to develop the next generation of decision-makers shaping the Tea Future in Pakistan!

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